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OMG the Schwag!

With only hours to go before the event...the schwag has been released!! As you can see from the picture below, this stuff is definitely Great Kielbasa Approved.

Highlights include
  • Blizzcon 2007 schwag
  • Blizzcon 2008 schwag (yes starcraft 2 wrist bands)
  • Special Edition 2009 KBX t-shirt
  • Half-eaten pizza
  • GameStop Gift cards!
  • A fucking Orb of Deception!'s the best goddamn sausage party this side of Poland!
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The sweet smell of Kielbasa fills the air...

It's almost time. Three more days until sweet sweet sexy kielbasa! Stay tuned for pictures of the schwag bag and give-away items.
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T-Shirts are Sausagerific!

The Great Kielbasa has graced us with a brand new t-shirt, and oh boy is it awesome!

Using the latest and most advanced technology, the Great Kielbasa has bonded many of our global elements into what is called "cotton." Using this "cotton" he has been able to form a t-shirt which you are sure to love. Not since Hypercolor has the world been blessed with such a fantastic shirt!

This bad-johnny can be purchased right now! Yes, you heard me can wear your very own KielbasaCon t-shirt!

The following picture gives you a slight glimpse into how amazing this shirt actually is.


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