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Invitation Preview

Behold...the 2009 KielbasaCon Invitation in all of it's glory!

Be sure to read the FAQs!
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The Great Kielbasa has spoken

The Great Kielbasa has awoken to the glorious shadow of his mini-basa (penis). Hence he has proclaimed KBX 2009 will begin on January 24th 2009 at 12:00:00:01am! 

This years KielbasaCon will be bigger, badder and sausage'ier than ever before. To start, The Cult of Kielbasa followers will be celebrating inside the world of Azeroth with a Korean style, 10 hour gaming marathon. During the marthon there will be much drinking, eating and the traditional KielbasaCon style.

Then at the stroke of 6pm The Great Kielbasa will honor us with tidings of basa, kraut and butter laiden mashed potash. At this time the entire Con will stop to honor The Great Kielbasa by engourging ourselves with his sweet deliciousness. 

KBX 2009 will be a celebrated in two locations: Phoenix, AZ and Columbus, OH. Both locations will offer similar ammenities barring one tremendous difference. The Kielbasa Queen herself will be prepairing the kielbasa feast at the Columbus, OH location! 

Please honor the queen by not staring directly at her during any of the festivities. She may be available for autographs after the main ceremony. Please refrain from speaking to her in any compacity as her powers are so great mear mortals have been removed from existence by uttering simple phrases in her general vacinity. She will have her own pen and glossy 8'' X 10'' photographs. Do not think about anything other than sausage, video games, or sex during the signings. 

Come to think of it...the Queen is fairly dangerous. Please do not think of the queen as dangerous.

Stay tuned to KielbasaCon for all of the details to come!

Happy Sausage!
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KBX 2009 News and Details

KielbasaCon 2009 is nearly upon us...this historic event dates back to the days yore. It was a time when men were men and some women were men, but regardless the games they played defined their generation.

KielbasaCon (formally BBD) occurs sometime between January 20th and January 26th. The exact date is not declared until the great Kielbasa has had a chance to view the shadow of his own mini-basa (penis).

More information on KielbasaCon (KBX 2009) and the noble Running of the Kielbasa will be available soon. 

Happy Sausage to you all!